What are the signs a woman is attracted to you?

This is one of the most common questions I get from all of my students.  I will keep it really simple for you.

From a Distance

If a girl looks at you and makes eye contact she is attracted.  You are looking for it to last just 1 second longer than normal.  Most people think that a woman needs to stare at you for 30 seconds.  But it isn’t the case.  Another thing is if a girl looks at you, looks down and then looks up with a little smile.  This is a VERY strong sign she is attracted and you should act immediately.  If a woman stands near you, it is a sign she is probably attracted to you.  Especially if she is standing near you with her back to you.  She is standing near you to provide you the chance to talk to her, but she is facing away from you because she is shy and doesn’t want you to catch her looking at you too much.

Close Up/In a Conversation

When a girl is talking to you, the most important sign to look for is if she is still standing there.  If a girl is bored with you or has no interest in you, she will just walk away.  As she becomes more attracted, her eyes will dilate and she will smile more.  She will find excuses to touch you.  Any physical contact, however slight, is a strong signal.  There is also the classic – she starts touching her hair.  Anything along the lines of grooming or brushing her hair out of her eyes.  As she brushes her hair behind her ear, she is letting you know that she likes you. Watch her overall body language.  If she begins to mirror you, she is really attracted.  This is a subconscious thing she will do where her body language looks like a mirror image of yours.  If you cross your legs with the right leg on top, she will cross with her left leg on top.  You can also look for her to open her body language.  Crossed arms or legs is closed body language.  So when she opens her arms or legs and points her breasts at you, she is quite attracted!

When You are Just Friends

If you are just friends with a girl, there is a 90% chance that she doesn’t want to be more than friends.  The longer you are in the friend zone, the harder to break out of it.  It is possible and there are some signs she will give when she is trying to break out of the zone.  They are very subtle, so tread with caution. When she is with you, she will make efforts to give the two of you time alone.  She will subtly move you away from the group and allow you to have a little space.  When the two of you are alone, she will touch you a little bit more than usual.  She might joke around about the two of you dating.  She is testing your reaction when she says this.  Now she might do all of these things when you are friends and she wants nothing more, so tread carefully.  It is very challenging.

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