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The Top Ten Reasons Why Aziz Ansari is a Badass

I have two goals with this article – to make as many people as possible aware of this kickass comedian and to try and make this one of the top posts about him and thus get an actual visit from the man himself, as I [...]

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Erika Awakening

I was really curious to see what was up with this chick.  First off all she is rough.  I mean I got into this game to meet beautiful and amazing women and this girl is wicked crazy. All week she was making comments about how [...]

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More Vegas Reviews

I have been so busy with my new fulltime job that I haven’t had time to write more about Vegas.  I pretty much hit most of the highlights.  I have to say that the instructors there were pretty much a joke.  Somehow guys think that [...]

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Hristiyan Atanasov Review –

This guy should not be allowed around women, let alone be allowed to try and make a living in the dating business.  He dresses like a cheese-dick from the seventies and is obsessed with dominating the room. He walked into every seminar late and made [...]

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Las Vegas with Johnny Soporno – After the Fall

Somehow a single facebook update has put me at the center of some major pickup industry drama.  But I have no regrets.  You live and learn and sometimes you gotta risk your career just to stand up for what you believe in. I am going [...]

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Las Vegas with Johnny Soporno – Before the Storm

This is a blog post I wrote on the plane on the way to Vegas   So I am sitting on my flight to Las Vegas. There is a baby crying next to me and I don’t even care. I think this week is going to be [...]

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Interview with Tynan/Herbal

Sheriff is friends with Tynan and when he needed a place to crash in London, I was more than happy to oblige.  I recently decided that he has one of the best blogs in pickup and also it is probably the best blog on travel [...]

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Pickup Podcast

Dude I just met these guys online, as they are friends with Sheriff and let me tell you, you need to listen to this badboy. These guys are hilarious, knowledgeable and easy-to-understand. They really cover every issue and make it clear. They interview all the [...]

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