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Learn hot to attract women into your life. And not just any women, but the beautiful and kind women you have always wanted to date and marry. It’s time to attract the woman of your dreams with dating skills and flirting tips that actually work. You have spent way too long waiting for the universe to bring a girlfriend to you, now it’s time to learn how to take the right action to get an amazing and beautiful girlfriend.

Get Laid for Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. And one of the greatest reasons is that all hot women use it as an excuse to dress slutty. Every girl is a slutty cat, a slutty witch, or a slutty cheerleader. And I gotta say [...]

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My Acolyte Pulls of his first Threesome

So one of my recent guys and I have been hanging out a ton lately. There is nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with a student that I have turned into a badass wing and friend. Of course this is a story of a [...]

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A Chicken in New York

A few weeks ago I was up in NYC teaching a seminar which went AWESOME. It’s going to be the basis for my new DVD – The Warrior Within which I will be releasing in the next few weeks. After the seminar I took out [...]

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Hunting Alone

There are 5 reasons why every pickup artist should go to a bar alone to meet women. Hunting in packs is a classic mistake and it’s time for you to learn to avoid such a lame mistake. There is a reason that we all think [...]

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Anything is Possible

I’m always looking for ways to push past my limits and improve myself in new areas. This is what separates me from 99% of the population. Most people are, unfortunately, stagnating. This is the way I live a lot of my life for a long [...]

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The Perfect First Text

How to Send the Perfect 1st Text After You Get a Woman’s Number This is a guest post from Jordan Harbinger, a friend and fellow dating coach over at The Art of Charm. Here’s My Process For Following Up With A Woman After I Get [...]

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The Eye of the Storm

They Eye of the Storm

One of the hardest things for new guys to figure out is exactly where they fit into the hierarchy of the venues they go to. I was out with some new guys in Nashville last night and I saw this happening for them.  As I [...]

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Pick Up Lines – 5 Ways to Start a Conversation with a Woman

There are a lot of ways to start a conversation with a woman, but when you’re trying to pickup women the wrong opener or pick up lines can be deadly.  You should think of your opener, or pickup line like you do the headline of [...]

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The Importance of Field Testing

The Best Pickup Artists in the World There are tons of "gurus" out there espousing to be pickup artists, puas, don juans, masters of seduction etc.  I am fortunate enough to have met a TON of these guys.  I have met and seen in field [...]

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Social Proof

What is Social Proof? Social proof is based on how our minds work.  If we see a group of people we look for similarities.  Our brains are always looking for short cuts.  If you see a guy standing with 20 scientists in lab coats, you [...]

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